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Anarchy's Bucket of Doodles

Post by Anarchy on Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:04 am

Doodles for me, doodles for you!

Oi, come over for a doodle!

I'll take 3 peeps at a time unless I'm free, then I'll take like 5.



These pictures are fully colored and shaded. They take forever to make however, and patience is key.


Doodles are a bit faster, and a bit more customizable.

Detailed Picture:

Color/Description (Pictures are best):
Name on/off:
Text Color:
What do you want the text to say?:
Desired Position (Also note if you want other wolves from say your wolf's history I need their description/picture and position as well):
Background (In detailed pictures there are actual backgrounds. Doodles and sketches are a bit different in a sense that they aren't as detailed XD)
Anything else?:


Color/Description (Pictures are best):
Name on/off
Text color:
What do you want the text to say?
Desired position (Note the same about wolves as detailed form above):
Background (If color color, if not, very plain background)
Anything else?:

Thank you! Remember, be patient!

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