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Roleplay Suggestions

Post by Stubby on Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:21 am

So, What shall be our first Event? This seems kind of, Early, but we might as well talk before a Paw full of Strangers come in and get declined or agreed to. I'll list a series we can do.

Human encounters:
1. Humans Come, and Implant Chips in the back of some of our necks.
2. They bring a jeep up to the mountain, and they live with us for a month and leave on Monday
3. The people in the town declare that every year should be hunting season, every day. This leads to food shortage and them shooting at members.
4. Humans decide to build a building on our territory, this leads to us pushing the materials all into the river

Natural Disasters:

1. A Down slide happens, and the pack has to escape quickly!!!
2. A Hurricane comes, ripping up terrain and almost taking the pack members with it...
3. The den is destroyed by Grizzly bears and Black bears working together.
4. The pack splits due to a very difficult decision
5. It rains heavily and the pack has to endure with it for two stressful weeks.(Difficult to catch prey and mark borders)
6. Feral animals continuously decide to mark our borders so we set off and battle. this'll happen for a week, to prepare to fight.

Post down below so I can know your feelings and read your suggestions as well!

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